Personal Pain Management

The Miracle Back Ball

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By using the Miracle Back Ball, you simply sit or lie on it and it enables you to pinpoint unreachable spasms or tense problem areas. By then applying the pressure of your own body weight to the Miracle Back Ball, you will relax tight muscles, improve your circulation and feel the comfort and relief of a professional massage. The kneading and pressing of muscles during an expensive massage – now simulated by using the Miracle Back Ball– greatly improves the circulation by creating a better blood flow of oxygen and nutrients to surrounding cells and tissues.

You can position the balls in any configuration you choose. Use them on your shoulders, back, head, hips, feet, hamstrings or quadriceps – anywhere you are able to position the balls between your body and a firm surface. It is important to experiment until you determine how the Miracle Back Ball works best for you. Using the Miracle Back Ball makes your choices endless.

A US Patent for the Bed of Balls and a US Patent is pending for the Miracle Back Ball acupressure and massaging method of detecting and treating muscular irregularities of the back.

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